Who would benefit from DAT?

Everyone from new-born infants to senior citizens will benefit from this natural pain-relieving technique.


Infants and children

Some babies are born with a stressed nervous system which are damaged by constricted development in the womb or a traumatic, stressful birth.  New-born babies presenting with colic, allergies or babies who cry for no apparent reason can be effectively balanced by a Directed Alignment Practitioner.

Our Practitioners have helped babies as young as three days old to overcome traumatic births. Significant results have been obtained from these proven, gentle, safe and effective treatments.



The greater the medical intervention during birth,  the greater the stress on the mother and baby. Because the baby's nervous system is still forming it is easily affected by stress, making the baby prone to conditions such as colic, reflux, feeding difficulties and irritability – all of which can give both baby and parents sleepless nights. Generally these problems are considered normal because they are so common, however, they are not.  During the gentle DAT treatments, the baby lies on the mother's chest where it feels relaxed and secure.



DAT is also helpful for:




Teenagers who are experiencing problems of growing up and making the right decisions respond well to this treatment.

At DAT we empower them to overcome their difficulties so they can mature into healthy, vital and inspiring adults.



Adults and the aged

Adults who have experienced back aches, the effects of injuries and operations have found great relief from DAT treatment. Kindly refer to our Testimonials.