Client testimonials

My daughter Aqeela (2) has been treated by a Directional Alignment practitioner since she was four months old and the treatments have helped tremendously. The gentle caring treatments make it easy for her to relax during the treatments.

My mother had open heart surgery about 6 years ago. The surgeons replaced faulty veins leading to the heart with healthy veins from her legs. In the process, the nerves in her foot were snapped. She couldn't work comfortably and discovered she had high blood pressure and diabetes. The doctors wanted her to have an operation to the foot with only a 50/50 chance of success, but that wasn't an option. She finally met someone who recommended DAT and with six months of treatment she walks comfortably and has an entirely new outlook on life. She feels brand new.

I lived with pain every day after my hip operation in 2008. It became unbearable and from the end of 2010 I couldn't walk without a crutch. My daughter suggested DAT and thankfully the therapy has helped tremendously and I am mobile again. Everyone who is living with pain should really experience the power of this procedure.

Bienyameen Laatoe (83 years old)
I am 71 years of age and about 9 years ago I had sciatica. After I had tried everything including a patch in my right shoe to balance my hips, I suffered severe pain and walked with difficulty. I noticed a DAT pamphlet in Meadowridge Library. My first instruction was 'Take the patch out your shoe', and the second 'Sleep with a pillow between your knees'. However, after treatment the excruciating pain in my back and legs eased and then disappeared. I am now committed to regular 'maintenance' treatment. Magic!

Louis van der Merwe
I have been in therapy with a Directional Alignment practitioner since 2008. I was under a great deal of stress due to my work which includes counselling which impacted negatively on my daily life. I would wake up feeling tired, moody and angry. I was referred to Directional Alignment by a kind hearted woman and I believe the Almighty guided me. I am now on the road to recovery and healing.

Sheigh Abduragmaan Alexander
I have been a DAT client since 2004 it has helped me and my family with ailments from back pain to allergies to eczema and headaches. The techniques are natural and there is no medication involved. I highly recommend this service.

Adiebah Muruck, Kensington
I underwent an extremely stressful period in my life and have discovered DAT by accident. I didn't want to take the tablets prescribed by my doctor and since the DAT treatments, I can cope better, stay focused, and be more positive, and would recommend the natural way to anyone.

Waheba Jakcet and children
I have experienced lower back discomfort for 15 years. I have visited other practitioners in the past with no real positive results. DAT was recommended by a relative and there was an improvement within the first few visits. My wife and son have also benefited from DAT.

Ridwaan Jacobs
I  am a runner and had a trapped a sciatica nerve and was struggling with pain down my left leg and my foot became numb while running. DAT got me back on the road. I have monthly treatments and am able to run three times a week. DAT also sorted out my painful shoulder and my body is now well aligned.

Anonymous runner